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Talking ABC - Alphabet


If your kid can not read and write first you should do is to teach him or her the alphabet. It is very easy to do with our fun and colorful game Talking ABC – Alphabet. You will be surprised how soon your children can recognize the letters. Talking ABC will help your kid not only learn all letters but make words. Different tests will make the learning process interesting and exciting for child of any age as there are different levels of difficulty.Our Talking ABC – Alphabet has a lot of pictures of letters to color them. This helps your kid to learn alphabet quicker and easier. The app provides exciting puzzles to improve memory.
Your children will discover the new world of English alphabet by listening the correct pronunciation of letters, by guessing the right letter and by recognizing and touching the right letter on the screen.
Don’t think that teaching your child the alphabet is slow and difficult process. It will take the least time and affords from you. Just upload our free application and you’ll see the results soon!